SWEDISH Reindeer antler Skellefteå souvenir candle holder

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Wonderful item made of reindeer antler that features the popular northern Swedish city Skellefteå.

The base and main part of the candle holder is made of reindeer antler that has indigenous design carved into it which is exposed white surface. The antler that is not carved has a smooth shiny brown surface. The city name Skellefteå is carved into the antler in black ink. The candle holder located at the top left has a white plastic base shaped like a flower and a white plastic crystal shape hanging below it. The hanging piece is chipped but this is hardly visible when looking at the items from the front. The back of the candle holder is the surface of the reindeer antler. The bottom has two visible screws that are rusted and blend in with the antler.

Condition: Decent condition

Weight: 95g / 3.5 oz.

Dimensions (length x width x height): 3.5in. x 4.3in. x 6in.