SWEDISH Jie Gantofta Red and White Flowers Clay Wall Painting

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This gorgeous wall painting features three flowers that are red with a blue base and green leaves. There are two lovely white flowers above the red flowers. The flowers and leaves are painted with bright colors and have a shiny smooth glazed finish. The background of the flowers is course clay with an orange-brown color and includes the signature of the artist. The outer edge of the piece is dark brown with a shiny glaze finish, and is smooth to the touch in some parts and coarse in other parts.

The back says Gabriel, probably the name of the artist, and below It Sweden. The back surface is coarse clay. The product number A201 is also listed.There is a steel round handing piece hanging to the wall painting to it can be hung right away.

The back of the piece is basic clay and features a Jie Gantofta logo as well as the product number 882. There is a steel wire attached so it is ready to be hung on the wall.

Condition: Great condition

Weight: 220g / 8 oz.

Dimensions (length x width x height): 7.3in. x 5.5in. x .8in.