SWEDISH Jie Gantofta Pink Flowers Clay Wall Painting

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A lovely square clay wall painting featuring pink flowers with green leaves at the base. The pink flowers and green leaves are painting with bright colors and have a smooth shiny glaze finish. The stems of the flowers are brown and have a coarse clay finish. There are slightly visible cracks in the flowers and leaves under the glaze finish. A tiny bit of paint has been scratched off in some parts of the brown background, but it is hardly visible. The edge of the piece has line grooves that have a coarse touch.

The back of the piece is coarse clay and features the Jie Gantofta logo, the word Sweden and product number 770. There is a steel wire glued to the back so it is ready to be hung on a wall. There are some scratch marks and a small dab of white paint.

Condition: Decent condition

Weight: 730g / 26 oz.

Dimensions (length x width x height): 9in. x 6in. x 1in.