Swedish doll wearing Sweden's National blue and yellow folk costume

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From Sweden! The doll is made of porcelain. She has long curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks, dark red lips with a shiny gloss finish and blue eyes. Her left eyelash is missing. She has a white cotton cloth around her head. Her folk costume features the national Swedish design and is in great condition. She is wearing a white cotton long sleeved shirt with white embroidery on the end of her sleeves and on the edges of her collar. The top part of her dress is dark blue and features a beautiful white flower embroidery design. There are two large buttons at her waist that have gold edges and shiny yellow centers. She is wearing an apron that is yellow and has a dark blue design at the base with white flowers embroidered that match her top. On her right side is a pocket that is blue and yellow and has white flower embroidery. Underneath she is wearing white cotton pants with lace at the ends of the legs. She also has on white socks and black leather shoes with black laces. The back of her dress is blue and white cotton. The dress is held together by Velcro. Her lips have a clear dot that is hardly visible. Light markings are on her face and hands. She leans slightly forward. Arms and legs are set in place and cannot be moved.

Condition: Decent condition

Weight: 210g / 7.5 oz.

Dimensions (length x width x depth): 10.5in. x 4.5in. x 3in.