Lappland Gammelstads Church Luleå Sweden porcelain wall souvenir plate

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This amazing vintage wall souvenir plate features the Lappland Gammelstads Kyrka, otherwise known as Lappland Gammelstads Church, an official World Heritage Site. The design is blue ink printed on the plate.The top of the plate featured the Lappland design which featured a man holding a club. A beautiful floral design surrounds an image of Gammelstads Kyrka that is in the middle of the plate. The picture features the large church and small cabins that surround it. At the bottom of the plate there is a scroll that reads “Gammelstads Kyrka Luleå.” The back of the plate is white and in the middle is says Elgporslin Sweden and the initials EE. There is a white string attached so it is ready to be hung on the wall.

Condition: Great condition

Weight: 260g / 9.5 oz.

Dimensions (length x width x height): 8in. x 8in. x .1.2in.