nordic-wonders-lappland-sweden.pngNordic Wonders was inspired by the beautiful serene landscapes of Northern Sweden. Gorgeous forests, snow covered terrain and amazing wildlife brought Nordic Wonders to life.

At Nordic Wonders you will find a wide array of quality Scandinavian products that will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and jewelry collection. Immerse in Scandinavia when you surround yourself in our products that reflect Scandinavian nature, history and art that come directly from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Many of our products are from Scandinavian artists and craftsmen that produce their products in remote villages. They are connected to nature and appreciate the natural beauty of the Lapland surroundings.

Nordic Wonders is a family based business started by Lauren whom is located in Northern Sweden most of the year where she resides with her Swedish partner. She is born and raised in Southern California and grew up in Swedish American culture. Lauren has been attending events hosted by Vasa Order of America since she was 8 years old, attended Swedish language camp Sjölunden in Minnesota for four summers, and lived in Sweden as a Rotary International Youth Exchange student from Fall 2006 to Spring 2007.

Lauren was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 25 years old and has been seizure-free for over three years. She contributes to Epilepsy awareness programs.

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Nordic Wonders is an online Scandinavian store based in the Los Angeles area of California. We sell Swedish items, Norwegian items, Finnish items, and Danish items that are for children, the kitchen, and the home. We also have a boutique section featuring unique vintage Scandinavian items. Check us out!